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        首頁 > 工業機器人專用控制平臺

        TP-100 機器人示教儀


        Modern, ergonomic, user-friendly and operated comfortably
        Multi channels deadman switch and E-Stop button
        Full IP65 protection
        10.1” WXGA 1280 x 800 500 nits LED panel
        10 points projected capacitive touch with full IP65 protection
        Two external USB 3.0 for data backup
        An emergency-stop button is available as further safety element
        Anti-vibration/shock IEC/EN 61131-2 compliance
        EMC (IEC/EN 61000-6-2/4, IEC/EN 61131-2) compliance
        Very light weight (≤1.5Kg) in fanless PC model








        10.1”, 16:10, WXGA, 1280 x 800

        Luminance: 500cd/m2

        Contrast ratio: 800:1

        LCD color: 16.7M

        Viewing angle: 85 (U), 85 (D), 85 (L), 85 (R)

        Backlight: LED


        Touch: 10 points P-Cap

        Touch light transmission: 87%

        Touch interface: USB

        Anti-scratch surface: 7H hardness


        Emergency stop button (2 NC channels, B10d=130,000)
        - Contact function: latching
        - Reset: by rotating

        3-position deadman switch (3 channels 2 NO &1 NC, B10d=100,000)

        操作防護 2-position key switch (2 channels)

        Processer: Intel® Atom? E3826

        Memory: 32GB eMMC

        RAM: 4GB DDR3L Full IP65 protection

        Communication interface:
        - Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
        - LAN chip: dual Intel® I210IT Gigabit LAN

        Expansion: 1 x mini-PCIe sockets (support optional Wi-Fi/NVRAM/mSATA storage)

        5MP camera

        OS support list: Windows 8.1 32/64-bit, Windows 7 32/64-bit


        Data back-up: 2x USB 3.0

        Controle connector: HDB-44 Female
        - Removable HDB-44 Control Cable (optional)
        - Including power, E-stop buttons, deadman switch, key switch and Giga LAN signals


        Power supply voltage: 24 Vdc (19.2 to 28.8 Vdc)

        Current consumption: 0.76A at 24Vdc (max.)


        Dimension: 297.3 x 257.2 x57.2 mm (78.5mm including E-stop button)

        Weight (without external control cable): 1.45Kg

        Front bezel: aluminum magnesium alloy; color: Pantone 8424C

        Back cover: ABS+PC; color: Pantone 432C

        IP protection class: Full IP65


        Operatng temperature: 0°C to 45°C

        Storage temperature: -20°C to 75°C

        Operating humidity: 5%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing

        Vibration resistance/shock-proof/ free-fall according to EN 61131-2


        CE (Emission EN61000-6-4; Immunity EN61000-6-2 for installation in industrial environments)

        FCC Class A