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        首頁 > 16:9帶觸屏顯示器

        IPPD 1600P


        IP66 compliant and metal housing with robust aluminum front zero bezel for harsh environment
        10 points P-Cap multi-touch with zero bezel flush front design
        3 display input interface: Analog VGA/DVI-D/Display Port
        Shares identical appearance with IPPC series
        Ultra slim in depth
        OSD multilanguage function
        All connectors with lock
        Mounting support: panel/wall/stand/VESA 100mm x 100mm
        Wide range power input 12~24VDC



        面板 LCD size: 15.6”, 16:9
        Resolution: WXGA 1366 x 768
        Luminance: 300cd/m2
        Contrast ratio: 500
        LCD color: 16.7M
        Viewing angle: 80 (U), 80 (D), 85 (L), 85 (R)
        Backlight: LED
        觸摸 Ten points P-Cap (projected capacitive touch)
        Touch light transmission: 87%
        Anti-scratch surface: 7H hardness
        Touch interface: USB
        后置I/O Touch interface port: USB with Lock
        Video port: VGA (1xDB15)/DVI-D (1xDVI-D connector)/Display port
        DC power input connector: 3-Pin Phoenix terminal Blocks
        OSD功能 OSD keypad
        Multilanguage OSD
        機械構造和環境 Color: Pantone 432C/RAL 70 24 front bezel
        IP protection: IP66 front
        Mounting: panel/wall/stand/VESA 100mm x 100mm
        System with panel mounting kit w/o panel mounting hole
        Power input: 12~24VDC
        Power adapter: optional AC to DC power adapter (+12V, 60W)
        - IEC 68 2-64
        - 2Grms @ sine, 5~500Hz, 1hr/axis (operating)
        - 2.2Grms @ random condition, 5~500Hz, 0.5hr/axis (non-operating)
        - IEC 68 2-27
        - HDD: 20G@wall mount, half sine, 11ms
        Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C
        Storage temperature: -20°C to 75°C
        Operating humidity: 10%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
        Dimension: 417.4 x 312.4 x 51.75mm
        Weight: 5.48Kg
        認證 CE (including EN61000-6-1/EN61000-6-2/EN61000-6-3/EN61000-6-4)
        FCC Class B