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        首頁 > CPCI背板


        • PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI Specification Rev. 2.1 compliant
        • Numbers of slot: 8/6/4 slots (incl. system slot)
        • Width: cBP-3208R: 36HP (9-slot) cBP-3206R: 28HP (7-slot) cBP-3204R: 20HP (5-slot)
        • Right one slot is system slot and others are peripheral slots
        • 10-layer PCB for accurate impedance control and electronic noise immunity
        • Two ATX sockets with DC screw terminals
        • 32-bit PCI bus on P1, support 7 bus-mastering I/O slots
        • P2 is for rear I/O (available on cBP-3208R, 3206R, 3204R)