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        首頁 > PXI/PXIe 機箱





        Entry level platform provides an ideal balance between performance and price point
        Compact half-rack with bi-directional setup for portable application in a wide variety of testing environments
        Replaceable modular cooling fan reduces maintenance requirements
        High per-slot cooling capacity up to 38W
        Intelligent chassis management with automatic fan speed control and temperature/power status monitoring
        System bandwidth up to 8GB/S & peripheral bandwidth up to 2GB/s for all slots



        High system bandwidth, up to PCIe Gen2 8 GB/s
        Optimized for Industry Use
        • Compact construction, reduced footprint
        • Light 5.85kg weight, rugged
        • Portable use, equipped with side handle and rubber feet

        • Bi-directional deployment options for flexible setup

        • Half-rack size with efficient construction
        • Easy to set up in rack-mount systems,
        • even two PXES-2301 chassis can be accommodated into one rack-mount system

        • Enhanced heat dissipation for peripheral modules, maximizes system stability

        Easy Management and Maintenance
        ChassisWatch? Smart System Monitoring Control Utility
        • Chassis status monitoring (temperature, fan speed, DC voltages)
        • Automatic fan speed control based on chassis temperature
        • Threshold settings trigger alarms when user-configured limits are exceeded
        • Status reporting to embedded/external controller via SMBUS
        • Fan speed toggling between Max/Auto